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Late Delivery from the City

[xposted a bit]

After a very crazy several months, I'm finally getting back on track with my jewelry. And found several finished-not-photographed and half-finished pieces from my Palimpsest line. Whups. So more will be forthcoming, unless I sacrifice them to Habitation of the Blessed ;-)

Latest find, completed back in May and very lonely on my workbench:

Opera Dress
[You like? Click here for Etsy listing and more pics]


Casimira's eyes move appraisingly over November, who feels very much like a child in her lavish clothes.
'The dress will do, I think. Next time I will know better what suits you.'
'Do for what?'
'I am taking you to the opera. How else shall we get to know one another? That is why you needed a dress. I do not care much for fashion, but a dress is like a sail, it must be held before one, colossal and dazzling, if one is to get anywhere at all.'

Onyx, cobalt blue and golden glass crystals, bees and black cinnabar pendants shine and glitter amid royal blue ribbon. The necklace is 20.5 inches long, with a sterling silver toggle clasp and findings.

Also, if you'd like to see more of my work, I have http://queenofthecatpeople.blogspot.com up and running again. For all the up to date news (omg, there's news again! I missed this so much!) on My Etsy store, Queen of the Cat People.

This blog is finally also syndicated directly to Live Journal if you would like it on your friends' page: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/qotcp_jewelry/

Habitation of the Blessed review!

My detailed review of Habitation of the Blessed is now available! The book is due out November 1, 2010; the review is extensive but I tried to avoid spoilers.

You can read the review either on my LJ or at lizbet.org. (Use the lizbet.org link to promote or retweet, if you will.)

Also, through tonight there's an ARC contest at catvalente's LJ: make a LOLJohn, win an ARC! Second prize is the audiobook of Palimpsest.

This book is so amazing. Let's get it out there.

(crossposted to onaleopard and trainsofheaven)

A late delivery from Palimpsest ;-)

O hai, just thought you'd like to see my newest piece,

Ludmilla [Here on Etsy!]


Great big delicious photos!Collapse )

Frosted quartz, Czech crystal, and a split key ring with a lock and key ;-) Enjoy!

<3 Chrysilla
Found them all! Thanks!
I know it's been a year since they came out, but I would love to buy (or swap for) decants or samples of the Palimpsest perfumes from Starborn Alchemy from anyone who may be willing to part with them.

I have PayPal and am looking for full or partial samples or decants of all of the scents.

Palimpsest, Casimira, The Trains of Heaven, Orlande's Salon, Lyudmila, The House, November, Ludovico and The Green Wind.

I am in the US and have lots of swap and sale feedback on bpal.org and Etsy. I also have swap/sale pages on
bpal.org and swappersonline.com with items I'd be willing to swap for the decants (anything on there is up for grabs).

Thanks so much!

Another evocation of Casimira

This website a friend found for me tonight -- http://www.insectlabstudio.com/

It's the most amazing collection of insects modified with gears and mechanics. . . all of them are lovely and intriguing, but this beetle especially caught my eye.

And yes, there are bees!.

Another dream of Palimpsest

Last night, I was quartered with a Mexican who I suspect was based on a classmate from high school, a woman who I can't remember now, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wasn't sure I wanted to go to Palimpsest permanently, because it was like one drug-fueled dance party that spanned every style of dance I've ever seen. Arnold ended up going crazy with a machine gun, and the other guy more or less kidnapped me out of the way. I lost everyone, then went around Palimpsest, which now resembled a more colorful San Francisco, for the people I was really quartered with, a Buddhist monk, and a giant blue caterpillar. The last was from another planet, but I suppose some intrepid explorer found his people and... had relations with them. On the whole, Palimpsest was scary and unappealing, because it made no sense to me. I wanted the real world, which seemed to have more depth, though less color.

That's all the comes to me now. I just think it's so crazy and fascinating how I keep dreaming about this fictional place, from a book I've read once.

Travel planning...crossposted. By Sterling

Hello everyone!

This is Sterling, avid Cat fan, Train of Heaven rider, and all around good person.  I am trying to plan on going to Cat and Dmitri's wedding on November 1st and am trying to find travel companions. 

I am from Clarksville, TN which is an hour NW of Nashville.  I can travel as far as about four hours out to meet up with people to car pool. 

I have a hybrid Civic and am willing to take it to OH.  All I would ask for is gas money which won't be much as it should only take 2-3 tanks of gas at around $20 each and of course I would pay my share. 

I would like to find folks to share a hotel room with as well.  OR if someone up in Ohio is willing to provide crash space, I would be most grateful and willing to do dishes, scoop cat litter, whatever to earn my keep.

If you are interested in any of the above options to make this do-able for me please contact me at hps.sterling on gmail.


Dreams last night

Last night, I dreamed I was in another world. I was running around with someone, my boyfriend, but not my boyfriend at the same time. And this native girl, who was sometimes a zebra, was trying to steal him from me. She was part of a group I was with, which further included a little kid dressed up as a motorcycle luchador, and obsessed with the next cool trick, and an older, tall gramma-type lady, with the stereotypical Miyazaki grandma bun, and a long purple dress out of the 1900's.

Ludamilya, as the zebra girl was called (I know, I know - my subconcious totally subjugated this one), eventually reconciled with me as the mini changing tents in orangey-yellow cloth sprang up from the ground. (I think a threesome was in order later that afternoon, though we never got to that point.) People went from tent to tent selecting clothes, and then changing into them. It was all in preparation for the trains, which were arriving by heaps now. Big trains, little trains, trains shaped like the weenie-mobile and skate ramps and decorated with every interest you could think of. You were supposed to follow your hearts desire, but I was afraid that would separate my boyfriend and I, so for a while I followed him. There were also vending tables with every imaginable food. When I found the pretzel table I stopped, started towards it, and turned away because I was losing him. Then I more or less said fuck it, and went back to the pretzel table. Some were in traditional pretzel shapes, others were in long flattish bar form. They all smelled heavenly, and I knew some were buttered and cinnamon-sugared while others were simply hot and plain, waiting for a little mustard.

Somewhere in all this I ran into matociquala , who was six feet tall and waiting for her train. She informed me that those who run to change into clothes after the trains have begun arriving will find their clothes melting and turning to gold. I impressed myself by being able to pronounce her lj-name in my sleep.

Also, somewhere in this, my mom and dad called, worried about where I was. (I think there were a hundred messages, and the machine was full.) I called them back, saying, "I'm in another world, mom, I can't call you or get messages reliably. Chill out, I'm fine."

All in all, it's one of the better dreams I've had lately. None of this killing vampires shit with rulers through their eyes, which you have to turn and turn to bore a hole through their skull.

The Gift of Casamira's Beetle

I was struck by the beetle the dressmaker kept on a jeweled chain leash,
and decided to make my own. And here it is! Sorry, the pictures aren't
the best, my good camera has gone missing.

The Gift of Casamira's Beetle

Made from a jewel beetle brooch (yes, a real bug; I find the reversal
from Casamira's work pleasing), gold-plated chain, Swarovski component
and beads, and glass beads.

I had meant to post this here, originally, but somehow I wound up posting to onaleopard instead. Oops.